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Private client for OT servers


As probably some of you already realize, RonIT has been working for some time on it's own client, which is an alternative to the current CipSoft product which doesn't offer any possibility of reconfiguration except for simplest skin changing.

What is a "Ron Client"?

It is an application written from scratch by our RonIT programmers, which allows you to connect to OT server worlds that use tibia protocol, spiced up with many additional features contrary to basic CipSoft client and other original solutions.

What are we going to do with this client?

We intend to place it in your hands. Any person playing on OT servers will be able to use our client. OT server developers should also be satisfied. "Ron Client" will offer a range of additional features such as the ability to configure the sounds and when they are triggered, reconfiguration of any game window and ability to create additional types of them, smooth skin configuration, translation reconfiguration, spell bars, the ability to walk by using the "WSAD" keys and ability to rebind spells and abilities to any hotkey on your keyboard, and many other possibilities.

When will it be possible to take full advantage of the client?

The client is already fully functional and theoretically you can play on it. However, software development process is not a bed of roses. The application requires a number of tests that will be divided into three basic stages:

1st - Inner testing within our company to check the basic functionality (this part is already completed).
2nd - Testing by our server staff to find any missing errors (duration: 1 month).
3rd - Testing by RonOTS and Swordia players (duration: about 1 month.)

We want to achieve the maximum degree of optimization in terms of consuming resources and eliminate any errors that would interfere with gameplay. Client must operate reliably in 99.9%, only then we will mark it as stable and fully realease to the public.

What will we do till then?

We plan to gather information about any errors and inconveniences and to introduce corrective procedures. All your reports will be reliably stored and forwarded to our technicians.

We also plan to collect proposals for any changes in order to introduce additional functionality. I know that not everything we came up with will suit you, certain features will be enjoyed more than others. That's why we want you to tell us about it and also speak about how we can change "Ron Client" to meet your expectations.

What's new in the client?

Sound: Ronit client met the expectations of players came and finally opened the possibility of triggering sounds for virtually any ingame event, like background themes in different areas and special effects while casting a specific spell or receiving a crushing blow from an opponent.

Skin configuration: We know that stock CipSoft client also has that function, but it is very limited. With RonIT client you will be able to completely modernize the look of ingame windows and add a lot of different graphical enhancements, and all this will be available in the form of easily editable, known, graphics formats.

Window configuration: For the OTS makers we offer the possibility of reconfigurating user interface windows in any way they like, which means that they will receive the opportunity to create entirely new types of them by defining the position in which you want the item, such as a text window or equipment slot.

Additional options: Client package comes with a few extra options such as the ability to cast spells straight from spellbook or cast bars, a special bar indicating the number of available charges in items, a special bar sshowing the remaining duration of effects such as burning, poison, freezing, etc. Also ability to view any additional information such as: highest hit, online time, number of experience points acquired that day, etc.

Configuring translation: Any person operating with the client will be able to translate it into any other foreign language. Everything will be placed in the configuration files. By default, the client will run in two versions: Polish and English.

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Most recent client versions, reporting bugs and suggestions can be found in this topic:: LINK

(This thread is not for error and suggestion reports so please refrain from doing that)

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